TEA's Design · The Staff

Tom Ashton, TEA's Design Tom Ashton / CEO and Founder, born a true farm boy from SE MN, grew up learning how to work hard and think for himself. At about 10 years old Tom threaded his first needle, and after high school he went into the US Navy to be a parachute rigger during the Viet Nam era. Tom quickly learned that perfection was required with every move and some of this still is in him today.

Tom has been a Hot Rodder for over 40 years. Starting out drag racing the muscle cars in the 60's, ISCA show cars in the 70's, street rods in the 80's and beyond, along with enjoying hockey, NASCAR, World of Outlaws, radio controlled racing and being the crew chief for his son when he raced IKF Grand National karts. Tom also enjoys his own hot rods, lawn care, gardening, cooking, friends and family.

Charlie Ashton, TEA's Design Charlie Ashton / sales and production manager, also started threading the needle at about 10 years old. Following the footsteps of his dad he has some very high expectations of himself. When Charlie is not working he can be found involved in many interests, just ask him.

The gang in the back / (not pictured) all have an interest hot rods, racing or upholstery.

At TEA's Design, hot rod seats and interior accessories are our only business, and we do it perfectly. From knowing the latest materials available for making interior panels to trends in colors, fabrics, and using only the best raw goods available, we lead the way. Upholstery shop friendly, TEA's Design products have been used by thousands of rod and upholstery shops for over 25 years.

We have also learned big is not always better. We keep a very small qualified staff of people in a nice work environment that we all enjoy and do our jobs flawlessly for you, our customer.